BREAKING: Covid deviants aren’t the nicest people

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People who ignore public health orders are generally less agreeable and more concerned about their own self-interest.

People who ignore public health orders are generally less agreeable and more concerned about their own self-interest, a study suggests. 

The findings, which will come as no surprise to anybody, emerged from an online survey of 1,575 people conducted in March and April 2020.

The survey included people from Australia, the UK, the US, and Canada.

It found that 10% of people were non-compliant when it came to observing covid regulations.

People who flouted public health orders were mostly male and tended to prioritise freedom and their own self-interest.

They were also less cooperative and considerate, less willing to try new experiences and more extroverted, the research found. 

Of those surveyed, 92% of women were compliant with regulations, compared with 86% of men.

Non-compliant survey participants tended to cope with the restrictions with “denial, substance use, and behavioural disengagement”, while people who were compliant tended to use strategies such as self-distraction, the researchers found.

People who broke the rules tended to score lower on openness and intellect, which is a personality trait associated with seeking out new experiences. 

“It is an interesting picture emerging,” said lead author, Associate Professor Sabina Kleitman from the University of Sydney School of Psychology. “Especially when we take into account intellect – the predisposition to look for new ideas – people who are not compliant might find it difficult to look for new ways of adapting.”

The threat of a repeat lockdown protest over the weekend in Sydney saw roads blocked, helicopters circling the city and Uber and taxi companies facing fines of up to $500,000 for dropping people at the protest.

A swarm of police officers marshalled in Hyde Park but, by mid-afternoon, no protesters had showed up, leaving the police horses idly munching on grass

We guess that means we can add another trait to the anti-lockdown personality: flaky.

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