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Dr Irwin Lim
Sydney-based Rheumatologist & director of BJC Health, Editor of Rheumatology Republic.

I was galvanised to start a blog in late 2010 to try and rectify community attitudes to Methotrexate, and to do my bit to improve patient education. Over time, I’ve used social media to amplify my reach and as a way to reflect on what I do. Learning from the people I interacted with online helped shape educational initiatives with allied health professionals and GP groups, as well as a few public awareness campaigns. Our clinic then published an anti-inflammatory cookbook, closely followed by my book, Stuff You Should Know about RA. Rheumatology Republic seems the logical next step.

Dr David Liew
Rheumatologist and clinical pharmacologist at Austin Health in Melbourne, PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne

I’m a bona-fide older millennial rheumatologist cliché at times: not afraid of the tweets and the podcasts, often read articles on my phone, electronic medical records don’t make me cry (often). My PhD is in rheumatic immune-related adverse events from checkpoint inhibitors for cancer, but I will also jump at anything in the rheumatology-clinical pharmacology overlap. I really do believe that facilitating discussion and information sharing in rheumatology leads to better clinical practice and a better specialty, and that curiosity is what makes us great. On that note, other cultures and people fascinate me: even though it’s just a number, my friends and I have a competition to see who can visit 100 countries first (I am up to 65 now, but a lot of the easy ones are gone).

Ms Linda Bradbury
Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner. Works in the rheumatology department at the Gold Coast University Hospital, Queensland.

I have over 30 years of nursing experience with the last 20 years being in rheumatology – not quite sure where that time went! More recently I became the first rheumatology nurse practitioner in Australia and am keen to promote the value of the rheumatology nurse – I believe a multi-disciplinary approach to the care of the rheumatology patient is vital. I am passionate not only about patient education but also about sharing evidence-based practice with nursing and allied health colleagues, all of which I believe contributes to improving patient outcomes. In my spare time, I love watching most sports and am a keen ballroom and latin dancer!

Professor Stephen Hall
Rheumatologist at Cabrini Medical Center in Melbourne, Director of Emeritus Research where he has coordinated and conducted more than 200 clinical trials to date.

I have been in private practice for 34 years, a simple community practice with an interest in vasculitis and clinical trials. Social media is very new to me but clearly represents a useful direction for education and collegiality. I spend time yell at football (AFL, NRL) and being entertained by four grandchildren.

Ms Sarah Comensoli
Exercise physiologist and Manager of Allied health services at BJC Health, MBA

I’m an Accredited Exercise Physiologist based in Sydney, but initially hail from Wollongong. I’m a Sydney Swans tragic and also a keen trail runner, having recently completed my 10th Ultra-marathon in Hong Kong. I’m a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and have also just completed my MBA, so am looking forward to having more a life! I’ve worked at BJC Health since 2011 alongside rheumatologists, physiotherapists and dietitians, and have recently started dabbling with blogging aiming to answer some of the challenging questions posed by rheumatology patients when it comes to movement and exercise.

Dr Shikta Dey
Consultant rheumatologist

I’m an early career rheumatologist with an interest in caring for women of reproductive age with rheumatic conditions. I work mostly in a public hospital in Sydney and also have private rooms in Liverpool.

I try to juggle my work life with being mother to a beautiful toddler who shows me exciting new ways to look at the world. I believe that education of students/doctors/patients and their families leads to lifelong self-learning, as inevitably I’m asked questions I don’t know the answer to. Online blogs and education are often great tools for teaching and learning and that’s why I have become involved with Rheumatology Republic.

When I am not working/at a conference, I enjoy travelling and spending time with my family.

Dr Joanna Tieu
Rheumatologist, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide

I was inspired to become a rheumatologist after doing some clinics in Alice Springs as part of my physicians training. I really liked the patients, the variety of conditions and how the treatments made a huge difference to people. I recently submitted a PhD focused on ANCA vasculitis and steroids, and now have time to enjoy some of my other interests. I’m a slightly hopeless gardener and love to try cooking and baking new things. When travel was a reality, I also loved exploring the history, culture and food of new places.

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