Can tech pave the way towards shared care?

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Want healthcare reform? Be heard at the Wild Health Summit October 18.

We find ourselves in a post-covid world, with a new federal government full of ideas and energy leading the way.

Have the planets finally aligned for Australia to push through on key digital health reforms? Will an updated connected digital infrastructure become a reality? The Wild Health Summit aims to get answers to these questions.

Digital health expert Michelle O’Brien gives a two minute run down on why rheumatologists should be at the summit in Melbourne on October 18.


Hello, I’m Wendy John from Rheumatology Republic. Joining us right now is one of Australia’s most respected voices on digital health Michelle O’Brien. She’s going to share a few insights about the upcoming Wild Health Summit in Melbourne on the 18th of October. Michelle, what’s this Wild Health Summit about?

Wendy, this year, we’re going to do something completely different. In the past Wild Health has been just a focus on technology. What we’ve realised as the world is changing globally with health technology, that we need to look at our digital health infrastructure. We need to look at how it’s aligning with our changing models of care. So this year, we’re bringing together healthcare leaders from across the sector to have a discussion about how we align our digital health infrastructure with our health reform agenda.

It’s called a Wild Health Summit. What’s the elephant in the room?

The elephant in the room is legacy technology siloed across the system, and the inability for us to communicate about a patient in real time across the system.

Why is the summit relevant for a rheumatologist?

I think for a rheumatologist and probably for all of the specialties, one of the biggest values for them will be that this is about advocacy for shared care. I think to understand that in the journey of a patient, what’s really important is the team care or multidisciplinary care – for all of the specialties to be able to communicate as a team rather than in isolation is something that is going to be a strong focus of this conference.

Why is it important for doctors of all specialisations to be in the room?

Clinicians and doctors know more than anybody the importance of data when they’re sitting in front of a patient and they’re collecting their valuable data. The ability to be able to use that globally is gold and in Australia, we are not yet in a position to leverage off the value of Big Data.

Wild Health have partnered with the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) to start this vital discussion.

Tickets are now on sale and we’re offering Rheumatology Republic readers 10% off. Please use the code TMR@WildHealth to redeem this offer.

You can see the full agenda and speakers here – and register to join us in person on October 18 in Melbourne.

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