Distracting yourself on election day

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Take a deep breath and focus on the munching bunnies…

Let’s be honest. No one is doing any meaningful work today. But spending the day biting your nails as you watch red and blue wash across a map of America is also not that appealing either.

News outlets around the world have picked up on this vibe and have offered readers a third option: mindless distraction.

The New York Times has this offering today: a stress relief tool called an Election Distractor that gives viewers a series of calming scenes and simple interactive activities.

Press a button and watch a watering can sprinkle water onto a mushroom as it slowly grows in size…

Watch a close up of bunny rabbits munching on a carrot.

How about some incense and soft chimes?

Or a waterfall with a stoic message…

With tension running high, other news outlets are also sharing advice on how to look after your mental health, switch off from the coverage and do self-care.

Slate took this theme in a different direction, publishing a blog on ‘How to Stress-Cook Yourself Into Oblivion on Election Day’.

(The blog suggests that voters try making a classic French dish called a cassoulet, which “that takes up as much time as helping a friend move”.)

As for The Back Page, well, it bought two bottles of champagne and a set of flute glasses for the office and has been told off for jinxing the election.

But The Back Page is firmly of the belief that keeping the champagne cold will have precisely zero impact on US voters in swing states. Pop!

See something calming, say something calming… We all need to be gentle with eachother today. xxx (Send tips to felicity@medicalrepublic.com.au)

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