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With no less than 20 Australian rheumatology researchers scheduled to present at the four-day event, here's where you'll find them.

This year’s EULAR congress is almost upon us, with no less than 20 Australian rheumatology researchers scheduled to present at the four-day event.  

The congress runs between 31 May and 3 June at Milan’s MiCo Convention Centre in the CityLife district.  

Sessions will be recorded and released on-demand after the conference ends, with very limited virtual livestreaming available via EULAR TV.  

Next year’s conference is set to go ahead in the Austrian capital of Vienna from 12 to 15 June.  


These sessions were highlighted as being ones to watch (all times are Central European summer time): 

Wednesday 31 May 

EULAR recommends its afternoon session on how health priorities are selected when it comes to rare diseases [Advocacy matters: What makes a disease, or group of diseases, important? 2:15pm] 

Thursday 1 June  

EULAR has highlighted its Thursday afternoon challenges in clinical practice session as one to watch [A rheumatologist in the ICU, 3:45pm] 

Friday 2 June 

The great EULAR debate will take place early Friday afternoon, and the topic this year is whether clinically suspect arthralgia is a new entity or merely a risk factor for chronic persistent arthritis [Clinically suspect arthralgia: fact or myth?, 1:30pm] 

Saturday 3 June 

Saturday morning starts off with a EULAR-highlighted session from its emerging researchers group, EMEUNET, on the advantages and pitfalls of observational data [Observational studies: when are they better than RCTs?, 09:00am]. 

Queensland rheumatologist Professor Peter Nash said he looked forward to the EULAR Recommendations session on psoriatic arthritis. [EULAR Recommendations session, 12:20pm] 

“The updated EULAR recommendations for the management of psoriatic arthritis will be of interest, in particular the positioning of JAK inhibitors and novel therapies such as p19 IL23 inhibitors, IL17 A & F inhibitor, and Tyk2 inhibitors in management and the handling of the different domains, including axial, uveitis and IBD,” he told Rheumatology Republic

Aussies at EULAR 

Homesick? Getting tired of Milan’s world-famous risotto, cathedrals and shopping? Anticipate a pressing need to discuss the outcome of State of Origin game 1?  

Here’s where to find your fellow Aussies at the conference: 


Professor Flavia Cicuttini (Melbourne):  

  • METHODS – A randomized controlled trial of METhotrexate to treat Hand Osteoarthritis with Synovitis [Emerging a New Era in Osteoarthritis Therapies, Wednesday 4:35pm] 

Professor Eric Morand (Melbourne):  

  • Lupus Low Disease Activity State Attainment in the Phase 3 Placebo-controlled TULIP Long-term Extension Trial of Anifrolumab [Glucocorticoid to new therapies, Wednesday 5:25pm] 
  • Attainment of lupus low disease activity state exclusive of remission is protective against adverse outcomes in systemic lupus erythematosus [Updates on management and outcomes in SLE and Sjögren syndrome, Friday 10:35am] 
  • Treat to target, remission and low disease activity in adult-onset SLE [Treating to Target: Challenges across the life course, Saturday 09:25am] 

Professor Peter Nash (Sunshine Coast):  

  • New stems: Making a difference for patients with PsA [Novartis – ​Getting to the root of PsA and axSpA​, Thursday 08:15am];  
  • Turning over a new leaf for patients: Panel discussion with Q&A [Novartis – ​Getting to the root of PsA and axSpA, Thursday 09:15am] 
  • Clinical Considerations in Initiating JAK Inhibitors in RA [ Lilly – ​The ”Case” for JAK Inhibitors- How JAK inhibition can be optimised in the treatment of varying RA patient populations, using case studies, Friday 5:40pm] 

Zubeyir Salis (Perth):  

  • Compared to people who never smoked, current smokers but not former smokers have worse knee osteoarthritis symptoms and structural defects: individual participant data meta-analyses of multi-cohort data [Risk factors and their treatment in the progression of osteoarthritis, Thursday 10:30am] 

Professor Ranjeny Thomas (Brisbane):  

  • Antigen-specific induction of immunotolerance [A journey around immunotolerance, Friday 08:51am] 

Associate Professor Peter Wong (Sydney): 

  • The Effectiveness of an Osteoporosis Refracture Prevention Programme – a Comparison of Two Australian Rural Centres using Population Database Linkage [Osteoporosis, Friday 11:05am] 

Professor Richard Osborne (Melbourne): 

  • What is health literacy and can we measure it [The promise of health literacy in clinical care, Friday 1:30pm] 

Professor Di Yu (Brisbane):  

  • Ferroptosis and T cell regulation [Novel mechanisms of cell death, Saturday 12:25pm] 


Professor Johannes Nossent (Perth): Mortality trends among Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients in Western Australia, Temporal trends in joint surgery for lupus patients – a population based longitudinal study, Longitudinal study of pregnancy outcomes in Indigenous versus non-Indigenous lupus patients in Western Australia 

Dr Jiacheng He (Adelaide): A Comparison of Myositis Autoantibody and Clinical Characteristics Among Racial Groups in Asia and Australasia – a Collaborative Multicentre Effort by the APLAR Myositis SIG 

Dr Lieke Scheepers (Hobart): Glucocorticoid usage after Janus Kinase inhibitor (JAKi) and other biologic DMARDs initiation and impact of comedication of conventional DMARDs on treatment persistence in rheumatoid arthritis patients: retrospective study in the Australian population 

Professor Geoff Littlejohn (Melbourne): The relationship between patient-reported quality of life and physician-derived clinical outcomes in rheumatoid arthritis: an analysis from the Australian OPAL dataset 

Dr Thomas Reygaerts (Melbourne): p.E148Q potentiates pyrin inflammasome activation 

Dr Feng Pan (Hobart): Do chronic pain in multiple sites and widespread pain increase risk of incident dementia? 

Zubeyir Salis (Perth): A novel measure of end-stage knee osteoarthritis reduces the duration and sample size required for observational studies and trials 

Dr Laura Ross (Melbourne): Investigating the trajectory of functional disability in systemic sclerosis: group based trajectory modelling of the Health Assessment Questionnaire Disability Index 

Dr Shirley Yu (Sydney): The OA Trial Bank: Update of individual patient data meta-analysis of intra-articular glucocorticoids in persons with knee and hip osteoarthritis 

Ambrish Singh (Hobart): Association Between Metabolic Syndrome and Knee Pain in Middle-Aged Adults Over 10-13 Years 

Dr Antoni Fellas (Newcastle): Effect of customised foot orthoses on peak pressure and pressure time integrals in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis: a randomised clinical trial 

Professor Eric Morand (Melbourne): Preclinical evidence for the glucocorticoid-sparing potential of a dual TLR7/8 inhibitor in autoimmune diseases 

Dr Kathryn Connelly (Melbourne): Informing trial measurement in systemic lupus erythematosus:  Frequency of domain-specific disease activity in a multi-national observational cohort 

Amy Cameron (Brisbane): Association Between Metabolic Syndrome and Knee Pain in Middle-Aged Adults Over 10-13 Years 

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