HSU: Doctor-bashing for a good cause

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Because whatever message you’re trying to get across, greedy men in white coats can help.

The state government is spending $33 billion a year on health. That’s nearly a third of the budget. 

But just look at these poor souls. They’ve been waiting three months just to see a GP. 

The girl at the front is only four and she’s already waited seven years to have her tonsils removed. What a disgrace!

These regional wretches have so many barriers to accessing health care that they have to make their own medications out of firewood and their own bandages out of coal!

It has to stop. 

In NSW it takes 15 days for an ambulance to arrive and when you finally get to the hospital it’s a pile of rubbish. In fact it’s so rubbish that all the nurses left and the hospital blew itself up. 

But there is a group of people profiteering from all this misery. And these “people” are called doctors.

This is one of their bachelor pads. 

When they aren’t making carpets out of money they’re burning it! And they’re not doing it because they’re cold, they’re doing it because they’re bastards! 

But the bastardry doesn’t end there. While ordinary people are waiting for ambulances and trying to make bandages out of coal, greedy doctor-bastards are driving Mercedeses and eating otters. 

We need a Royal Commission into rich doctors – it’s the only way to fix NSW health.

Authorised by A. Fibb, Health Services Union NSW, Sydney.

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