Psoriasis management resources to empower your patients

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GHLF Australia recently released new resources to help your psoriasis patients manage their condition holistically.

Modern treatments for psoriasis have undergone remarkable advancements.

Gone are the days of simply treating unsightly skin plaques and damaged nails – psoriasis management now embraces a more holistic and comprehensive approach. This shift is crucial because psoriasis, with its associated stigma and multitude of symptoms, negatively impacts not only a person’s physical and mental well-being but also their functional ability.

Therefore, there is an increasing need for people living with psoriasis to have access to reliable information about the condition along with relevant self-management tips.

Resources designed for Australians with psoriasis

Global Healthy Living Foundation (GHLF) Australia is proud to announce we recently expanded the psoriasis information hub on our website.

“People living with psoriasis are dealing with more than just a skin disease,” said Naomi Creek, the GHLF Australia and CreakyJoints Australia National Coordinator. “However, many aren’t aware of the range of evidence-based holistic treatments and strategies available to help them manage all aspects of their condition.”

“We’ve created our psoriasis information hub as a ‘go to’ resource filled with disease information and expert advice to help people live well with this condition. We believe having such information at hand helps to empower psoriasis patients to talk with health professionals and manage their conditions in a better way,” she said.

“People with psoriatic arthritis and other related conditions will also stand to benefit from the information in our hub.”

The GHLF Australia psoriasis information hub includes:

  • A psoriasis Quick Guide to symptoms, treatments and self-management.
  • An easy-to-follow summary of proven psoriasis treatments.
  • Inspiring patient story videos and articles sharing the journeys of people living with psoriasis.
  • Tips on how people can build their own customised psoriasis healthcare team.

Our flagship resource is our new Psoriasis Wellness email series. This free series is designed to help those with psoriasis live a more balanced life by providing valuable information and resources to help them manage their condition better.

Each week, over four weeks, subscribers will receive a series of exclusive articles that look at common areas of concern for people with psoriasis. These are:

  • Fatigue
  • Mental health, stress and stigma
  • Appropriate diet and exercise
  • Accessing support

Each article helps readers understand that they are not alone in facing such issues, provides strategies they can start using immediately and suggests ways patients can communicate effectively with their healthcare team about that topic. The articles also include links to evidence-based research confirming the relationship between each topic and psoriasis.

The final article addresses what can be one of the biggest challenges people with psoriasis face – learning to accept support and knowing where to find it. They may feel they have to deal with everything on their own. However, we take readers through the process of building their own support network and arming themselves with reliable and practical information. What’s more, we’ve included a single, comprehensive list of physical, mental, social and financial supports specifically for Australians with psoriasis.

“From managing flare-ups to cultivating a positive mindset, the content in our hub covers a wide range of topics that are crucial for people seeking a fulfilling life with psoriasis,” said Ms Creek.

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Rosemary Ainley wrote this article on behalf of the GHLF Australia and CreakyJoints Australia team.

We would like to thank Rheumatology Republic for this opportunity to share the patient voice within the Australian rheumatology community.

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