Dead whale? Head for the hills!

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You're on a first date with someone, and they tell you the name of their favourite DMARD. You immediately leave. What's the DMARD?

Who’d have thought Twitter could provoke controversy?

Paul Sufka MD (@psufka) caused what passes in rheumatology land for a Twitterstorm when he posed the following challenge:

Based on the number of likes, Acthar was enough to send plenty of people running:

But does it really count?

And Vectra – or part-word thereof – didn’t fare too well either:

Well may Dr Sufka snigger, but there probably are people out there who truly believe turmeric to be an effective DMARD…

Or gold, sure, why not? On the other hand it could mean they’re quite wealthy.

Well, it’s high time this one came up:

Surprisingly no one mentioned bathing in a dead whale. That would surely send this correspondent – and anyone else in the vicinity – heading for the hills.

But is it even an appropriate question for a first date?

Beg to differ? Tell us which DMARD would send you running.

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