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Australia will be well represented at ACR Convergence 2022, taking place in Philadelphia from 10 November.

Australia will be well represented at ACR 2022, taking place in Philadelphia from 10 November.

* This article was updated on 5 November with new information regarding on-demand availability. We are now advised there will be a delay of 24-48 hours after the session.

Professor Michael Shanahan will be presenting a poster on genicular nerve block (GNB) for pain management in patients with knee osteoarthritis in the new ACR Ignite Talks poster sessions. The research was previously presented at the 2022 ARA ASM, where it won the prize for best poster.

Professor Shanahan said that with evidence now that GNB works as short-term pain relief option, local radiologists have run with it very quickly. The research has also been accepted for publication in Arthritis & Rheumatology.

“Hopefully, as the findings get out there, the treatment will be taken up elsewhere. I think the real role for this will probably be for people who are waiting for knee replacement surgery, or perhaps are unfit for knee replacement surgery, and need a safe, effective treatment alternative that avoids the problems of medications like anti-inflammatories,” he told Rheumatology Republic.

Ignite Talks are five-minute presentations of the top-ranked posters presented in person and online. After the talks, in-person attendees can meet the presenters backstage for Q&A and networking.

Also giving Ignite talks are Dr Alannah Quinlivan on gastroesophageal reflux disease in scleroderma patients and Professor Eric Morand on lupus remission with anifrolumab.

OPAL Rheumatology has two posters with new research data on JAK inhibitor switching patterns and adverse reactions.

“There has been widespread uptake of JAK inhibitors since the agents have been listed in Australia,” Melbourne rheumatologist Dr Sabina Ciciriello told Rheumatology Republic.

“Our data shows that there is frequent JAKi to JAKi switching, with this making up a third of all switches from a JAKi during the study period. JAKi to JAKi switching still occurred even when lack of efficacy was given as the reason for switching agents,” said Dr Ciciriello, who’s a member of the OPAL scientific advisory committee.

“We also found that median persistence with a JAKi was high at almost 35 months when the agents were used first line, falling to almost 19 months when they were used third line or later,” she said.

Dr Claire Owen, of Austin Health in Melbourne, will be presenting at the “Polymyalgia Rheumatica: New Tricks for an Old Disease” scientific session on the Monday. 

“From my perspective, it’s fantastic to finally see PMR have its very own scientific session at ACR 2022 – a first for many years it would seem,” Dr Owen told Rheumatology Republic.

“For such a common rheumatic disease, it is woefully under-researched and the treatment terribly antiquated.

“I’m thrilled to be presenting on Advances in PMR Imaging. My presentation will cover the importance of imaging to our current understanding of PMR’s distinctive pathology, as well as how various modalities – ultrasound, MRI and PET/CT – can aid diagnosis and monitor disease activity,” she said. 

Here are some of the sessions featuring Australian research. Times are US Eastern Time and Australian Eastern Daylight Time (with apologies to those in the other four (!) Australian time zones). We’re told recordings will be available on demand about 24-48 hours after the session has ended.

Scientific sessions

Advances in PMR Imaging: Diagnosis and Disease Monitoring – Dr Claire Owen, in Polymyalgia Rheumatica: New Tricks for an Old Disease

  • Monday 14 Nov 09:00 ET (Tuesday 15 Nov 01:00 AEDT)


1668 Rheumatic Toxicities of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Predict Favourable Tumour Responses in Patients with Advanced Melanoma Alana Bruce, Alexander M Menzies, Georgina V Long, Brian Fernandes and Fredrick Joshua

  • Monday 14 Nov 10:30 ET (Tuesday 15 Nov 02:30 AEDT)

Posters – Ignite sessions

1892 Genicular Nerve Block for Pain Management in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis: A Randomised Double-blind Placebo Controlled Trial Ernst Shanahan, Fin Cai, Frank Voyvodic, Suellen Lyne, Richard Woodman, Kokum Dissanayake, Kate Paddick, Giovanna Cheung and Lucinda Robinson

  • Ignite session 2C – Professor Michael Shanahan – Saturday 12 Nov 14:15 ET (Sunday 13 Nov 06:15 AEDT)

2159 Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease in an Australian Scleroderma Cohort – Associations and Effect of Treatment Alannah Quinlivan, Dennis Neuen, Dylan Hansen, Wendy Stevens, Laura Ross, Nava Ferdowsi, Susanna Proudman, Jenny Walker, Jo Sahhar, Gene-Siew Ngian, Diane Apostolopoulos, Lauren Host, Gabor Major, Kathleen Morrisroe and Mandana Nikpour

  • Ignite session 5C – Dr Alannah Quinlivan – Sunday 13 Nov 13:35 ET (Monday 14 Nov 05:35 AEST)

0359 Attainment of Remission with Anifrolumab: A Post Hoc Analysis of Pooled TULIP-1 and TULIP-2 Datasets Ronald Van Vollenhoven, Eric F. Morand, Richard A. Furie, Ian N. Bruce, Gabriel Abreu, Raj Tummala, Hussein Al-Mossawi and Catharina Lindholm

  • Ignite session 7A – Professor Eric Morand – Monday 14 Nov 13:30 ET (Tuesday 15 Nov 05:30 AEDT)

1822 A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Ascending Dose Phase 2a Study of ABP-671, a Novel, Potent and Selective URAT1 Inhibitor, in Patients with Gout or Hyperuricemia Marc Gurwith, Deon Smith, Paul Bird, Jessica Leung, Mark Bloch, Joshua Kim, Rahul Mohan, Anthony Houston, Oscar Cumming, Ann Madrid et al

  • Ignite Session 4B – Sunday 10:05 ET (Monday 02:05 AEDT)


0069 Capturing Clinical Reasoning in Real Time Reveals Low Rate of Serious Adverse Reactions Requiring B/tsDMARD Discontinuation in Inflammatory Joint Disease: An Analysis of the OPAL Real-World Dataset Geoffrey Littlejohn, Tegan Smith, Sabina Ciciriello, Peter Youssef, Claire Deakin, Nithila Anbumurali and Catherine O’Sullivan

0200 Should Independence Play a Role in Assessing Remission in Rheumatoid Arthritis? Thomas Khoo, Bethan Jones, Athena Chin, Alice Terrett, Marieke Voshaar, Wijnanda Hoogland, Lyn March, Dorcas Beaton, Ummugulsum Gazel, Beverley Shea, Peter Tugwell, Caroline Flurey and Susanna Proudman

0204 Persistence of Fatigue, Sleep Disturbance and Mood Disorders in PMR Patients Despite Standard Treatment Jessica Leung, Claire Owen, David Liew and Russell Buchanan

0274 Real-world Utilisation and Switching Between Janus Kinase Inhibitors in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Australian OPAL Dataset Sabina Ciciriello, Geoffrey Littlejohn, Tamas Treuer, Kathryn Gibson, Peter Youssef, Paul Bird, Catherine O’Sullivan, Tegan Smith and Claire Deakin

0497 Classification Criteria and Existing Pre-Test Probability Stratification Tools Perform Poorly in Diagnosing Giant Cell Arteritis Victor Yang, Christopher McMaster, Claire Owen, Jessica Leung, Bonnia Liu, Russell Buchanan and David Liew

0706 Association Between Metabolic Syndrome and Knee Pain over 10-13 Years in Middle-Aged Adults Ambrish Singh, Brooklyn Fraser, Alison Venn, Leigh Blizzard, Changhai Ding and Benny Samuel Antony

0725 Utility of Repeat Extractable Nuclear Antigen Antibody Testing- a Retrospective Audit Ai Li Yeo, Samar Ojaimi, Michelle Leech and Eric Morand

0756 Rheumatic Toxicities of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Patients with Advanced Melanoma and the Effect of Pre-existing Autoimmune and Non-immune Mediated Rheumatic Conditions Alana Bruce, Georgina V Long, Alexander M Menzies, Brian Fernandesand Fredrick Joshua

0908 The Association of Cardiovascular Comorbidities with Remission in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Undergoing Treatment with Baricitinib and Conventional Synthetic DMARDs: A Post-Hoc Analysis Arkady Manning-Bennett, Ashley Hopkins, Michael Sorich, Susanna Proudman, David Foster, Ahmad Abuhelwa and Michael Wiese

1058 Clinical Characteristics and Survival of Combined Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and Interstitial Lung Disease in Systemic Sclerosis Jessica Fairley, Dylan Hansen, Laura Ross, Susanna Proudman, Jo Sahhar, Gene-Siew Ngian, Jenny Walker, Lauren Host, Kathleen Morrisroe, Diane Apostolopoulos, Nava Ferdowsi, Michelle Wilson, Maryam Tabesh, Wendy Stevens and Mandana Nikpour

1280 Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Perceive the Quality of Care They Receive to Be Suboptimal Sidha Sreedharan, Geoffrey Littlejohn, Russell Buchanan, Mandana Nikpour, Eric Morand, Alberta Hoi and Vera Golder

1535 Frequency of Arrhythmias, Abnormal Electrocardiography and Sudden Cardiac Death in Systemic Sclerosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Jessica Fairley, Laura Ross, Alannah Quinlivan, Dylan Hansen, Elizabeth Paratz, Wendy Stevens, Peter M Kistler, Andre La Gerche and Mandana Nikpour

1771 The Effectiveness of a Treat-to-target Strategy in Rheumatic Diseases: A Systematic Literature Review and Meta-analysis Yanjie Hao, Shereen Oon and Mandana Nikpour

2166 Inflammatory Arthritis in an Australian Scleroderma Cohort – Patient Characteristics, Associations and Treatments Eric Schwender, Dylan Hansen, Wendy Stevens, Laura Ross, Nava Ferdowsi, Susanna Proudman, Jenny Walker, Jo Sahhar, Gene-Siew Ngian, Lauren Host, Gabor Major, Mandana Nikpour and Kathleen Morrisroe

2175 Evaluation of the Distribution of Haemodynamic Parameters and Prognostic Impact in a Cohort of Patients with Systemic Sclerosis Zoe Brown, Dylan Hansen, Wendy Stevens, Laura Ross, Nava Ferdowsi, Susanna Proudman, Jenny Walker, Jo Sahhar, Gene-Siew Ngian, Lauren Host, Gabor Major, Mandana Nikpour and Kathleen Morrisroe

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